A story of sacrifice, betrayal, and heroism.

The world is the grip of a dark age. The once mighty empires have fallen, and civilization now struggles on in scattered points of light. The cities are full of theft and murder, and even darker deeds are done in the wild countryside. The great roads, once teeming with trade caravans and pilgrims, now lie barren, or are host to marauders and brigands.

The gods are distant in the heavens, and many believe they have abandoned the world entirely. The oracles and seers, once the conduits of the divine knowledge, are silent. Even the ruined remnant of the great Church has fallen prey to sacrilege and corruption.

Heroes abound in this world, and their long, bitter struggle with chaos may yet return light and hope to the world.

But this hope may yet prove in vain. For the Distant Stars are aligning, and there are whispers in the hidden corners of the land. The minions of the Undying are stirring, and his vassal makes way for his awakening. The time of the Second Dawn draws nigh, and when that fearful day comes even the gods will tremble.

One by one the signs are fulfilled, and each omen brings the world closer to doom. A small band of adventurers is all that stands between hope and oblivion. Will they rise to the challenge, and become heroes? Or will they too fall prey to the relentless shadow that threatens to devour reality?

The Second Dawn